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IN4TOOLS was present in the Managing Intra conference of Fleets in partnership with Esri-Portugal


In the conference was debated the subject “Sustainable Strategies for Fleets Management”. The software 4Biz - Fleet Management of IN4TOOLS is the n.º1 solution in operational and administrative fleet management, allows a more efficient management, optimizing processes that aim to costs reduction. Esri software, is the technology nº1 at a world-wide level, being the component of routes modelling, used in the most diverse markets, to optimize the distribution operations of logistic and maintenance and same planning of the force of sales. The objective of the participation of IN4TOOLS in set with the ESRI Portugal, aims at to present to the market the benefit generated for the integration of both solutions, being made possible to plannig the activities in a way to minimize the associates costs of fleet management to guarantee one high service to the customer.

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