Caderno Digital

“digital writing solutions”.

Caderno Digital is an innovative solution of 4DigitalPen family products based on the Anoto technology; combines simplicity of traditional writing with the digital processing. 

Handwriting is quick and natural because it is a competence that we develop since childhood, this solution is a progress towards processes optimization based on pen and paper. 

With the ICR - Intelligent Characters Recognition is possible convert the handwritten data into a Microsoft Word document.

Main Beneficts:

  • Possibility of a words dictionary creation (increases the recognition effectiveness)
  • Capture, storage and organisation of handwritten information
  • Data records with common A4 paper notebooks with a specific grid that can be read by the digital pen
  • Digital pen with autonomy to completely fill more than 50 A4 pages
  • Creation of handwritten MMS, E-mail or Fax in real time

  • Colour and line thickness configuration for handwritten contents
  • Caderno Digital application
  • Possibility of organise handwritten information in several digital notebooks on Caderno Digital application
  • Possibility to associate notes and subjects and to make searches to the handwritten pages of the notebook
  • Pages Exportation to other applications
  • ICR - Intelligent Characters Recognition

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